Quick Wins- Maintenance

Quick Wins- Maintenance

Please take the time to read this and understand the importance of keeping your property clean and tidy which will allow you to have the best experience.  

At times, if you are faced with an issue within your property, we suggest that you try the following steps to the following issue; 

(This, at times may solve your problem) 

 If you have tried the points below, and are still facing an issue, please do not hesitate to contact us via the maintenance section on our website. 



Washing Machine Not Draining.  


The most common reason for the water to drain from the machine, is because there will be a bloackage. At the bottom of the machine, there should be a filter. We advise that if you place some towels (or buckets & a mop) you can open the filter to release the water from the machine.  

 We advise you open the filter slowly, to have time to absorb the water spilling from the machine. Please take care whilst doing this, as carelessness can then cause leaks below.  

 You may find things in the filter which will be causing a blockage.  

You may also look in the detergant drawer, to see if any blockages have occured.  

(If you place soda crystals, and white vinegar in the machine once a month, in the both the drum & detergant drawer, then put the machine on a hot wash, this should help your machine to stay clean.) 


Light Bulbs.  

Tenants are responsible for changing the lightbulb if it was to stop working. Please ensure the correct fitting lightbulb is used.  


 At times, properties can suffer from lack of ventilation which can lead to further issues. We strongly advise that tenants keep the property aired whilst doing simple day to day tasks such as cooking, and taking a bath/shower.  

(For example, once you have had a shower, open the window to let the steam out. When you are cooking, open the window to let the hot air out.) 

 We understand that in the winter months, it can be cold outside, but not allowing any heat to l​eave the property can begin to create condensation. This would appear on the walls as water marks, and then black mould. 

This also applies to when you are drying clothes in the property. In order for things to dry inside, they require heat. By hanging clothes up without the correct requirements, will then cause the water from your clothes to evapourate into the air, which will also condensation. 

If you require any further guidance on this, please see the video link attatched below.  



Please take care when using water within the property to minimise the chance of a leak. For example;  

— Ensure the shower curtain is closed correctly when having a shower. 

— Not letting large amounts of water spill outside of the bath or sinks.  

— Placing a bath mat on the floor in the bathroom & toilet areas. 

Toilet Blockages. 

Please see the following information provided by Northumbria Water.  

‘Only Paper, Pee & Poo Go Down The Loo.’  - Northumbria Water  

‘More than half of the blockages are easily preventable, and will have been caused by people by putting “disposable items” such as wipes, cotton buds and sanitary products down the toilet, rather than in the bin.  

These items cause harm to your home and plumbing system, the environment and can end up costing you a lot of money.  

A lot of these items claim on the packaging that they are flushable, so it’s no wonder people put them down the toilet, however you would think twice if you knew the damage it causes.  

Always put items like these in the bin. Never flush them down your sink or toilet, even if the packaging says otherwise!’ 

Please ensure that only toilet paper is flushed to minimise blockages.  

 Shower / Sink Not Draining. 

 It is common for hair to block shower/bath plugholes. Please ensure this is checked on a regular basis and cleared out to prevent blockages further down the pipe. 

Kitchen sinks can also become blocked if food waste is washed down the sink.  

By emptying left over food in the bin, before washing the dishes and/or putting them in the dishwasher, this can also help prevent blockages. 

Please also take care if you are using cooking oils etc. Oils should not be poured down the sink. Please dispose of this in a container, in the bin. 

 We do reccomend all tenants to purchase a sink strainer to help reduce the chances of blockages. 


 I have attatched a link above. These strainers are also available widely in supermarkets and other retail stores.   

Waste Disposable. (Wheelie & Recycle Bins.) 

 To prevent a neighbour or other household taking control of your waste bins, we suggest you label your bin with the door number. If you need a replacement bin, you will have to get in contact with the council. Please see below for the details;  


Request Replacement Bins and Caddies – Your Local Services 

Businesses and Commercial Premises: This form is for individual domestic residences only. Please visit our Commercial Waste pages for details about bin provision.: Bin: If your bin is missing, badly damaged or stolen you can order a replacement. 


How to Prevent Pests & Other Animals From Entering Your Home.  

 — Keeping your kitchen clean at all times can prevent pests being attracted to dirty dishes and leftover food.  

— Ensure the floor and worktops and clear of crumbs and spillages.  

— Ensure rubbish is disposed of correctly, and quickly in your waste bins.  

— Ensure you dont miss bin day! You can find out when your bin day is on the following website; https://community.newcastle.gov.uk/my-neighbourhood/ 

 Parking Permits.  

If you require a parking permit for your street, you can apply for this from your local council. (I have attatched a link for Newcastle County Council.) They require your license plate registration, a current tenancy agreement, and some upto date bills. See the website for further details;  


 Who is my Gas/Electric Supplier?   

Unless you have a pre-paid meter within your property which is topped up for gas and electric, you will need to alert your suppliers that you are living in your property.  

In order to find out who your current supplier is, we advise you look online (see the link below) to help you notify the relevant companies. They may ask when your tenancy agreement commenced, and for your meter readings.  


By following the guidance above, this should help you all minimise the basic problems that can be resolved very quickly, by yourselves. Please note that when you do have an issue, we will have expected for tenants to have carried out the guidanced above.  


If you have an EMERGENCY issue please RING: 

Monday to Friday 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM: 0191 2092395 

Out of Office hours: 07888840120 

Text messages will not be responded to. 

If you have a maintenance query, please follow the correct process and report it online via the link below. Again, failing to report matters correctly will cause a major delay in your issue being resolved.  


Thankyou for taking the time to read this