How to keep the property in good Ventilation ?

At times, properties can suffer from lack of ventilation which can lead to further issues. We strongly advise that tenants keep the property aired whilst doing simple day to day tasks such as cooking, and taking a bath/shower.

(For example, once you have had a shower, open the window to let the steam out. When you are cooking, open the window to let the hot air out.)

We understand that in the winter months, it can be cold outside, but not allowing any heat to l eave the property can begin to create condensation. This would appear on the walls as water marks, and then black mould.

This also applies to when you are drying clothes in the property. In order for things to dry inside, they require heat. By hanging clothes up without the correct requirements, will then cause the water from your clothes to evaporate into the air, which will also condensation.

If you require any further guidance on this, please see the video link attached below.