What to do if Washing Machine is not draining?

The most common reason for the water to drain from the machine, is because there will be a bloackage. At the bottom of the machine, there should be a filter. We advise that if you place some towels (or buckets & a mop) you can open the filter to release the water from the machine.  

 We advise you open the filter slowly, to have time to absorb the water spilling from the machine. Please take care whilst doing this, as carelessness can then cause leaks below.  

  • You may find things in the filter which will be causing a blockage.  
  • You may also look in the detergant drawer, to see if any blockages have occured.  

(If you place soda crystals, and white vinegar in the machine once a month, in the both the drum & detergant drawer, then put the machine on a hot wash, this should help your machine to stay clean.)