How to apply for Parking Permits?

Parking Permits.  If you require a parking permit for your street, you can apply for this from your local council. (I have attached a link for Newcastle County Council.) They require your license plate registration, a current tenancy agreement, and some up-to date bills. See the website for further details;

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What happens if you’ve lost or damaged your keys?

If you have lost or damaged your key, please call the following relevant numbers. For security reasons the locks maybe required to be changed and if this is required then the costs for locks and replacements keys will be confirmed at the time.  Lost or Damaged keys : Please call the office @ 0191 2092395…

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How to Prevent Pests & Other Animals From Entering Your Home?

— Keeping your kitchen clean at all times can prevent pests being attracted to dirty dishes and leftover food. — Ensure the floor and worktops and clear of crumbs and spillages. — Ensure rubbish is disposed of correctly, and quickly in your waste bins. — Ensure you don’t miss bin day! You can find out…

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How to prevent toilet blockages?

Please see the following information provided by Northumbria Water.  ‘Only Paper, Pee & Poo Go Down The Loo.’  – Northumbria Water  ‘More than half of the blockages are easily preventable, and will have been caused by people by putting “disposable items” such as wipes, cotton buds and sanitary products down the toilet, rather than in…

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